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Clevenue's Revenue Planning Report

revenue planning report

We've just launched our first Revenue Planning report, uncovering how businesses across the tech industry operate their planning cycles, and how that does (or doesn't) lead to success.

With over 250 respondents covering C-Suite and VP level roles across Revenue, Operations & Finance, it shows a unique picture into how businesses are planning, and how that evolves through growth. We saw over $4B worth of revenue combined in the companies surveyed, it creates a view across companies spanning from Seed through to Series E onwards.

Key Takeaways

69% of businesses missing target

In the report we find that 69% of businesses did not hit target across recent years, and that simplified top down models were still prevalent across all sizes of businesses, and that some of the more technical and successful approaches to planning used at earlier stages can dissolve away as businesses scale.

RevOps are the most successful planners

We found that RevOps were the most likely to see success from owning planning cycles, and that finance saw the least success. When running planning, RevOps were most likely to see cross-department collaboration, which in turn leads to higher success.

People feel confident in what they build, even if it's failing

83% of people surveyed felt they were skill enough to participate in planning, however only 1/3 of them actually saw success. Where leaders were in charge, 71% of planning process were driven top town leaving only 10% capable of scenario testing.

Scenario testing leads to 4x success, as does using planning software

Businesses that were capable of scenario testing their revenue plans saw 4x more success in hitting targets than those that didn't, as did those that used dedicated software to build their plans.


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