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Early Stage

Thanks to some early market traction and fit, you’ve been able to validate your product vision. You have a fledgling sales motion that is generating some successes but the structure you have in place might not scale. You don’t necessarily know where your energy, time and runway is best spent.


You’re at a GTM crossroads considering the balance of marketing vs. sales and don’t know how best to explore the impacts of the endless routes available to you. What you do know however is that every dollar spent has to be spent in the most capital efficient way, returning the highest value at the quickest velocity whilst also providing a path to long-term growth.

You need certainty when it comes to decisions and their outcomes based on robust data and validated assumptions. You need to de-risk GTM decisions in a way only possible when you can interrogate every strategic pathway at depth.

You’re optimistic about growth but are unsure where to find it

You’re convinced of your company’s ability to scale but are yet to build a fully replicable model, with strategic planning relying on nothing more than some basic assumptions and early commercial progress. Market forces are starting to have an impact on performance, adding complexity to your planning, creating the risk of making knee-jerk reactions based on limited data.

Your capacity planning needs wider visibility into influential factors, as well as an always evolving picture of market realities, ultimately ensuring greater certainty in outcomes.

You know you have options, but can’t figure which route is best

Every investment, whether it’s hiring, tooling or marketing carries an opportunity cost, assessing what that might be for each and every path available to you is not a simple or easy exercise. In isolation every pathway to growth looks good but in reality few of them pan out how you’d initially expect them to. 

You need a more robust approach to understand your own commercial plan in such a way that highlights which parts of your plan will or won’t scale.

You want to build frameworks that last and can scale

You’ve watched the tech industry rise and fall over the years, and are keen to not suffer the same fate. Growth isn’t something you feel you can afford to get wrong, with the impact of your decisions today compounding vastly over time. Success comes from establishing a solid foundation for your company’s GTM function onto which you can build and scale.

You want to avoid making short term decisions and instead work towards building solid foundations. You know that the decisions today will have far reaching impact and don't want to buy your way to growth.

Revenue planning is no longer roll-of-the-dice assumptions and half-baked calculations, instead it’s a collaborative and frictionless exercise between founders and their teams where their real-life data is seamlessly combined with market-validated assumptions they’d otherwise be lacking.

The end result? GTM plans that ensure the transformation from early-stage business into an established, high-performing organisation.


Your future is now built on solid & scalable foundations. Let’s grow.

Early stage businesses use Clevenue to take the uncertainty out of GTM planning so they can focus on building with confidence

The Problem with Planning

Planning isn't a straight line activity, with many departments, stakeholders and leaders involved. Your planning experience might look totally different to someone else in the business, as might the value you take from it. If any of these sound like you it might be time for change.

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