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Sales Plans
in minutes
not months

Build sales & revenue plans that evolve as you do, with continuous revenue projection and optimisation recommendations.

It's Revenue Planning re-imagined.


"Clevenue is a game-changer. It brings optionality to go-to-market planning and puts an end to the typical guessing games.


Hiring plans & strategic decisions made today are synced with commercial goals for the long-term, ultimately setting Sales up for predictable, efficient growth."

Sam Madden

VP Global Sales


Load up and go 

Getting started with Clevenue's Revenue Planning Platform is quick and easy, avoiding the stress and effort of building spreadsheet models & sales plans.

With our agile approach to bottom-up capacity planning, you'll never start from scratch again.

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Load in basic data like deal size and conversion rates, as well as the people in your sales team, or connect it to your CRM for live data.

Within just minutes you can build out a picture of your business and a strategy to get to target.

Our Revenue Engine models the projected revenue to give you a live view of where your business is headed, long into the future.


If you're going off course we'll tell you, making suggestions to help you get back on track.

Drop the spreadsheets
today, forever.




Add hires, set promotions, plan people moves, testing to see how everything withstands changes to the world you operate in, without ever affecting the plan. Finally if you you like what you see you can approve it to the plan.

Agile planning sprints become a key part of your strategic planning and approval workflow, always keeping you one step ahead of the game. Everyone on the same page, finally.




Understand how restructures, GTM investment and strategy plays impact both your CAC &  future revenue attainment projections, all in one personal view.

When you have a strategy that works, stress test it - Understand the impact of the unexpected and build plans that are prepared for every eventuality.

Test every scenario & spend


Sandboxes are dedicated personal places to scenario test, plan hiring, optimise and move team members, as well as making approvals to changes to the main plan.

Your Personal
Revenue Sandbox

What are your plans?

Growth as you know it is broken, if these sound like you it's probably time for change.

Keep in Touch

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