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Clevenue is a platform built by three Revenue Obsessives, with the platform born out of the market conditions of 2022.

Clevenue was dreamt up by Alex and Craig in the Autumn of 2022, after both were personally hit by layoffs as part of a global and industry-wide wave that saw over 350,000 people in tech lose their jobs.

Witnessing so many companies experience a near death-spiral created by ’growth at all costs’ culture (rapid expansion and overhiring set against lagging commercial results) it was clear to them that their experience wasn’t something that happened in isolation but was indicative of an industry-wide problem. 

Crappy revenue and headcount capacity plans.
In a world filled with incredible talent, tech and ideas, the knowledge that businesses all over were still building their revenue and headcount plans within basic Excel sheets sounded alarm bells - there had to be a better way. They realised that businesses weren't being deliberately irresponsible in their approaches to growth, the free and hand-me-down spreadsheets were not only just how things were done, but amazingly the only option available. It was clear that the current way of working wasn't agile or accurate enough, and time for change.

This was when Clevenue was born.

With their heads full of ideas, Craig and Alex built a vision of a platform capable of guiding company leadership towards repeatable & sustainable growth, aided by data with an always-on approach to revenue programmes & planning. A few months, a website and a prototype later, they finally met Ste who joined as a technical co-founder and from here Clevenue blossomed into life.

It's our mission to make the science of modelling, projecting and planning more engineered, more interrogable, more collaborative and most importantly, more accessible. The charted path towards plan & target should be the North Star of all businesses, not just an end of year activity carried out in spreadsheets.

We're all deeply passionate about building a better way of growing businesses as we believe it builds a better and more sustainable industry for everyone, we love speaking with fellow Revenue Obsessives - If you want to trade stories or find out more, drop us a message or reach out through LinkedIn and we'll be happy to chat.

Meet Clevenue

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