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Meet Clevenue:

Sales Capacity Planning without the spreadsheets

The only sales capacity planning software that models real-world sales team dynamics, helping you to quickly and easily build revenue plans with optionality that finally work. Using Clevenue can help you understand the real elements at play as you grow and scale your teams.

 Clevenue's sales capacity models capture the nuanced differences between different market segments, geographies and products so you no longer have to rely on one-size fits all assumptions when it comes to sales cycles, deal sizes and conversion rates.

Real-time sales capacity modelling

sales capacity planning software

When you hire and where you place people can have a major impact on performance, Clevenue helps you find the balance in capacity planning that ultimately drives revenue. Know who to hire and when, month by month so that you don't ever need to think about ramping or targets.

Headcount Recommendations

sales capacity recommendations

Understand if you are generating enough pipeline today for your targets of the future, modelling how those needs change through alterations to targets or expansions to sales cycles, and with the loss or addition of pipeline generating sales reps.

Pipeline Coverage Analysis

pipeline coverage analysis

Sales teams are far more complex than a simple time to ramp and quota coverage based model could account for. Clevenue models ramping & experience by role, responsibilities and tenure, affecting everything from how long new starters take to ramp and how different people respond to promotion into new roles

Real-World Sales Dynamics

sales headcount planning

Use Capacity Planning as a strategic tool in planning, understanding the full cost of pulling each commercial lever, as well as an understanding on time to payback and ultimate Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

Your planning should be able to do more than simply understanding how many hires are needed to fill a quota or a target, it should help you understand exactly how to build and scale your revenue team.

How Sales Capacity Planning Software helps Strategy

Understand the real world impact of team dynamics, covering everything from reporting lines to lead flows, understanding what happens to capacity when your org structure changes. Real life capacity is more complex than  stacking sales hires for quota coverage, and your revenue plans should reflect it.

Spend on Marketing or Hire Sales?

Attrition is far more complex than a flat 10% applied across revenue, it's people leaving your organisation, which has an impact on teams, pipeline and revenue. Understand, model and mitigate against the impact of people leaving your business, building out contingency in your plans so that you can handle the inevitible.

What's the Real Cost of Attrition?

When cutting or reducing cost is a business priority, hiring can be quick to fall under the eyes of finance teams. Show that there's more to your hiring needs than simple quota coverage, highlighting the impact of deferred hiring to both pipeline & end revenue generation.  

How much will Deferred Hiring hurt?

Get Started with Clevenue Today

Want to get started, see a demo or simply find out more about how Clevenue can change the way you plan? Get in touch and we'll get back to you today.

sales capacity planning CAC analysis
  • How does Clevenue calculate sales capacity?
    You can build roles that carry responsibilities and targets across handling inbound leads, generating outbound opportunities, handling opportunities and managing other team members. Our capacity take all of this data alongside other team and marketing data points to understand the individual capacities across team members at any point in time.
  • Who can use Clevenue for Sales Capacity modelling?
    Clevenue is simple enough for anyone attached to revenue, finance or decision making to use, in order to build plans or to understand the impact of certain decisions or strategies to the current plan. Whether you're a CRO, CEO or CFO, or you're running RevOps or Finance teams, Clevenue makes the process of planning quick, easy, collaborative and continuous.
  • What are Clevenue's People Models?
    We model ramping differently to other more basic software platforms, factoring time in business, experience in other roles and responsibilities across roles to give a real life output of bringing new hires into the business, losing people due to attrition or moving people into new teams and roles. Understand what happens if you run people over capacity, stretch your teams or under supply your account executives. What you've already seen happen before your eyes can now be modelled inside Clevenue.
  • What if I already have a plan?
    Getting started with Clevenue doesn't mean starting from scratch - the best place to start is from an existing revenue plan. Simply load in the data from your existing plan, add in your current teams and start planning out hiring & marketing spends. From here you can understand & fix any holes or flaws in your plan, and extend it into the future.

Revenue Projection

See 6x further into the future than traditional forecasting. Understand where revenue is really headed as a result of hiring, firing, promotion, marketing & other business plans. 

Planning Sandboxes

Collaboratively analyse future business scenarios with your colleagues; experimenting with changes to the team, budgets as well as the wider market.

Scenario Testing

Test how your strategies, market theories, budgets and hiring plans translate to revenue over time so you're always prepared.

Everything from free tools through to helpful revenue guides & articles. 

Clevenue Resources

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