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Meet Clevenue:

Capacity Planning without the spreadsheets

The only capacity planning software that models real-world dynamics, finally building sales & revenue plans that work.

 Clevenue's capacity projections capture the nuanced differences between different market segments, geographies and products so you no longer have to rely on one-size fits all assumptions when it comes to sales cycles, deal sizes and conversion rates.

Real-time capacity modelling

Capacity planning software chart

When you hire and where you place people has a major impact on performance, Clevenue helps you find the balance in capacity planning that ultimately drives revenue. Know who to hire and when, month by month so that you don't ever need to think about ramping or targets.

Active Hiring Recommendations

Capacity planning software hiring recommendations

Understand the real world impact of team dynamics, covering everything from reporting lines to lead flows, understanding what happens to capacity when your org structure changes. Real life capacity is more complex than  stacking sales hires for quota coverage, and your revenue plans should reflect it.

Simulate Real-Life Team Dynamics

Capacity planning software add new team member

Ditch the spreadsheets today

Revenue Projection

See 6x further into the future than traditional forecasting. Understand where revenue is really headed as a result of hiring, firing, promotion, marketing & other business plans. 

Planning Sandboxes

Collaboratively analyse future business scenarios with your colleagues; experimenting with changes to the team, budgets as well as the wider market.

Scenario Testing

Test how your strategies, market theories, budgets and hiring plans translate to revenue over time so you're always prepared.

Everything from free tools through to helpful revenue guides & articles. 

Clevenue Resources

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