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Clevenue's Free Sales Capacity Planning Template 

This spreadsheet is a really quick and easy way to start creating the sales capacity model of your sales teams and their capacities without any of the need to build from scratch (or using far more basic templates).

This template works from your revenue targets, to help you understand how much sales capacity you need from a quota carrying rep based on the size of your targets and the volume of marketing leads that you produce.

Use it as an advanced baseline to start building on top of, or even as a way to get your core business KPIs set before getting started with Clevenue.

Revenue models at the ready, let's get planning!

Getting started is really easy: Just make a copy of it from Google Sheets (or download it for Microsoft Excel) and then simply start filling out the capacity plan with your own revenue data.

How to use the template

Sales Capacity Planning Spreadsheet Input

1. Add your current performance into the table

First you need to enter in your current business performance into the template, with the data needed forming the foundations of any decent plan.


The yellow boxes are all editable, meaning that you can quickly and easily fill in, without needing to add a load of formulae. 

You can enter up to 2 separate markets - These could be regional (like EMEA & US) or they could be more segment based like the Mid Market and Enterprise markets that are pre-baked into it.

Sales Planning Template Targets

2. Add in Company Revenue Targets & Marketing Lead Volumes

When the work and initiatives that you put in place don't generate results immediately, you need to have a wider planning horizon, and this is why our template follows some of the same approaches as our platform, with a longer view into the future.

You'll need at least 2 years of targets & lead volumes to ensure that you're planning far enough ahead - This can help to ensure that you're not failing to plan hiring at the end of one year that will be needed to hit elevated targets at the start of the next.

Sales Hiring Plan Template

3. Add in your current team and future hires

You'll need these to calculate how much sales capacity you have in any given month, and to create a revenue projection of what that team is capable of delivering.

This plan only needs sales reps with revenue targets, roles like SDR's don't need to be included.

4. Lots and lots of automatic calculation

The calculator will then calculate and model the outputs, with monthly values for you to drill into and quite a few pretty graphs. 

It will calculate what the output of your current team resource is, as well as the capacity requirements brought on by your targets.

sales capacity model template

5. Output Graphs and Reporting

Finally, the template outputs a projection of leads generated, revenue, sales utilisation and quota coverage, so that you have an idea of how the plan is working.

Whilst we believe this to be a far more comprehensive approach to capacity planning than any of the other free spreadsheet templates that you'll find available to download, it's still fundamentally the same approach that led to mass overhiring and subsequent overstaffing & layoffs of teams right across tech.

Use it at your own risk, but there is a better way.

Sales Revenue Model Output
Capacity Planning Output
  • How does Clevenue calculate sales capacity?
    You can build roles that carry responsibilities and targets across handling inbound leads, generating outbound opportunities, handling opportunities and managing other team members. Our capacity take all of this data alongside other team and marketing data points to understand the individual capacities across team members at any point in time.
  • Who can use Clevenue for Sales Capacity modelling?
    Clevenue is simple enough for anyone attached to revenue, finance or decision making to use, in order to build plans or to understand the impact of certain decisions or strategies to the current plan. Whether you're a CRO, CEO or CFO, or you're running RevOps or Finance teams, Clevenue makes the process of planning quick, easy, collaborative and continuous.
  • What are Clevenue's People Models?
    We model ramping differently to other more basic software platforms, factoring time in business, experience in other roles and responsibilities across roles to give a real life output of bringing new hires into the business, losing people due to attrition or moving people into new teams and roles. Understand what happens if you run people over capacity, stretch your teams or under supply your account executives. What you've already seen happen before your eyes can now be modelled inside Clevenue.
  • What if I already have a plan?
    Getting started with Clevenue doesn't mean starting from scratch - the best place to start is from an existing revenue plan. Simply load in the data from your existing plan, add in your current teams and start planning out hiring & marketing spends. From here you can understand & fix any holes or flaws in your plan, and extend it into the future.

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Discover Clevenue

The Clevenue Platform removes the need for spreadsheets and templates, and makes the process of building capacity plans quick and easy, without the need to understand how to build spreadsheet models, scenarios, complex revenue formula or create outputs that everyone can understand, instead using revenue projection to get a true understanding of future revenue.

Your existing sales capacity plans can be loaded in (or you can use the Clevenue template to help import data), and you'll have an understanding of how much capacity you have and still need to help you get to target.

Work to hiring recommendations that help you add team members at exactly the time that they are needed, or change start dates and promotions to understand the impact of dynamics like late hiring, or complete hiring freezes. 

See capacity in a new light understanding the effects of changes to performance like fluctuations to deal sizes, changing sales cycle lengths or evolving conversion rates, building a plan that ensure that you have the right people, marketing & design to your Go to Market that keeps you on track towards your company revenue targets.

Change the way you understand and plan sales capacity, with a continuous people-led approach to building sales team and revenue strategy, start using Clevenue for your capacity planning today.

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