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The Ultimate Free Sales Capacity Planning Template (it's still 💩)

You read that right - We made the ultimate Free Sales Capacity Planning Spreadsheet for you to download, better than any other that you'll find online, and we still think it's 💩.



Because not free templates are ever going be able to beat a dedicated capacity planning platform with live data, models and the computing power like that of the Clevenue Platform. 

Revenue models at the ready, let's get planning!

Sales Capacity Planning Input.PNG
Sales Capacity Planning Target Input.PNG
Sales Capacity Planning Lead Input.PNG

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Using the template

Not only is our Sales Capacity Planning Template totally free, it's also super easy to use. Just make a copy of it from Google Sheets (Or download it for Microsoft Excel).

1. Add your current performance into the table

First you need to enter in your current business performance, which forms the foundation of any decent plan.


The yellow boxes are all editable, meaning that you can quickly and easily fill in, without needing to add a load of formulae. 

You can enter up to 2 markets - These could be regional (like EMEA & US) or they could be more segment based like the Mid Market and Enterprise markets that are pre-baked into it.

Sales Capacity Planning Input.PNG
Sales Capacity Planning Target Input.PNG

2. Add in Company Revenue Targets & Marketing Lead Volumes

When the work and initiatives that you put in place don't generate results immediately, you need to have a wider planning horizon. 

You'll need at least 2 years of targets & lead volumes to ensure that you're doing enough in year 1 to hit your year 2 targets, otherwise you can end up playing catch up.

3. Add in your current team and future hires

You'll need these to calculate how much sales capacity you have in any given month, and to create a revenue projection of what that team is capable of delivering.

This plan only needs sales reps with revenue targets, roles like SDR's don't need to be included.

hiring plan.PNG

4. Lots and lots of automatic calculation

The calculator will then calculate and model the outputs, with monthly values for you to drill into and quite a few pretty graphs. 

It will calculate what the output of your current team resource is, as well as the capacity requirements brought on by your targets.

sales capacity calculations.PNG

5. Graphs and Reporting


Pretty comprehensive output right?


Whilst we believe this to be a far more comprehensive approach to capacity planning than any of the other free spreadsheet templates that you'll find & download, it's still fundamentally the same approach that led to mass overhiring and subsequent overstaffing & layoffs of teams right across tech.

Use it at your own risk, but there is a better way.

sales capcaity graphs 1.PNG
sales capcaity graphs 2.PNG

Ready to ditch the spreadsheets?

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