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The Ultimate
Sales Prospecting
Activity Planner &

Sales prospecting can feel pretty 💀 but the science of sales doesn't need to make it any more difficult. That's why we've build the ultimate prospecting activity planner to help you figure out a workable regular cadence, as well as an inbuilt calculator so that you can model the results.

Simply enter in some figures of current performance, tick the boxes on your cadence and see what executing it perfectly could produce.

Let's dive in.

The Free Prospecting Activity Template is pretty simple to get started, it's also completely free. Just make a copy of it from Google Sheets or download it to use in Microsoft Excel!

Using the template

sales prospecting activity conversion rates

1. What does current activity look like?

The first thing is to stick in the number of people you're going to add to the sequence on a daily basis, you can always come back to this figure (you might find that you set it higher than you can actually manage...)

You then need to add in the conversion rates for each of the activities - If you don't know some of these figures ask a manager, they should be well know & understood (at least internally)

sales prospecting activity schedule

2. Build your cadence

The week day labels are illustrative, instead work on the basis that each day you'll re-trigger the sequence starting at day 1 with a new batch of prospects.


The sequence days based on working days only. Tick the boxes for the days that you're planning activity.

Sequences can be up to 90 days long, but you're unlikely to stretch beyond 20 so don't worry if it feels a tad short.

3. Calculations, and lots of them!

The sheet will now calculate the number of activities that you need to do on a daily basis, including the overlap as you add new people to the cadence each day. It calculates this along with the time that you'll spend daily (based on the data you put into sheet 1), as well as the conversion rates to opportunity and eventually deal.

Put your feet up, do a call block, make a coffee - The sheet's gonna do the calculations for you.

sales prospecting activity totals

4. Output & Results

Finally, you get a neat little table of the expected output based on your cadence, your performance and the volume of contacts that you add to it. There are a few effects that won't play into this, such as people dropping out of a cadence due to unsubscribing etc. as this will reduce the amount of activities you can complete, however this should give a great indicator of the volume of activity needed for success.

Don't forget - All calculated revenue will land in the future - If there's a 3 month sales cycle you can expect Month 1 activity to generate results (on average) in Month 4.

sales prospecting model results

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