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Bye Bye

The days of spreadsheet planning back and forth are dead - Throw away your forecast, it’s time for more revenue foresight than you’ve ever dreamed of, with our revolutionary Sales Capacity Planning Software

Build your

Load in your current teams, targets & performance, leaning into your CRM to gather the data where you have it.

Easily add in hires, scenarios and markets to reflect the complexities of the way your business is built, no more spreadsheets, just purpose-built tech that's super easy to use.

Everyone gets their own sandbox to play in, but don't worry, you wont affect the plan, this is your own space to test.

Jump in a

You don't need to worry about which spreadsheet is best-case or conservative, your sandbox covers it all. This is your space to build business cases for hiring and spend, or if you're the ultimate decision maker it's where you can receive, amend and approve changes to the plan.

Build hiring plans based on capacities, not quota coverage, with models covering the real-world workings of a sales team.

Plan your

Understand the differences between your team capacities, what happens when you move and promote people and ultimately what is needed to get to target. Active recommendations of who to hire and when, month by month so that you don't ever need to think about ramping or targets. Create your roles, set your targets and let the models work out the rest.

See how changes to key factors like deal sizes, sales cycles or funnel conversions impact the future revenue generated.

Test every single

Know which levers you need to pull between hiring, sales strategy and marketing performance that get you to target, with a complete understanding of the cost of each decision you make with attainment, costs & productivity calculated for everyone in the plan. Thanks to Clevenue, you'll never make willingly make a bad strategy call ever again.

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How it works

Build Experiments

Set up experiments to test what if's: What happens if we alter our pricing? Will we generate more revenue or will it require a higher volume of leads? Understand the balance of bringing revenue faster or higher revenue later. 

Create Hiring Plans

Load in your teams, filling them with sales reps & managers, arranging them by territories, segments & markets. When you hire and where you place people has a major impact on performance, Clevenue helps you tread the balance that ultimately drives revenue.

Deal Size

Deal Duration

Close Rate

Test changes to key areas

See what happens with each and every business metric changes, and what it means for revenue. Are higher deal conversions at the cost of deal size sustainable, or do you need to hold firm on pricing? Understand everything.

Promote & Scale Teams

Plan promotions of junior sales into senior roles, and see what happens as people ramp gaining & losing responsibilities. Schedule moves & changes to your people & teams at times that make sense, all modelled with lead flow mechanics that match your reality.

Monitor expected progress

Track where you planned to be vs. projected progress, with calculations working off current performance, not just your planned. Update everything with real data, building an accurate picture of future progress.

Understand Scale Dynamics

Sales teams & their supporting layers don't always scale at the same rate, which can impact the effectiveness of everyone, as well as their ultimate productivity. See what happens as teams onboard, produce & scale and management layers begin to evolve.

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Individual environments where you can test different hiring, market changes & build experiments.



How you group your teams, either by vertical, size or geography.






How big is the team in the plan, including all sales reps and managers.

Team Size

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See the future of sales strategy & capacity planning, and kiss goodbye to the pain of spreadsheets today.

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