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Meet Clevenue:

Collaborative Planning Sandboxes for every stakeholder

Collaboratively build GTM plans, experiments, and test changes to people & additions to the team, understanding the impact on your business.

Share and access sandboxes across the whole planning committee, or lock them down so that only you can make changes. Compare different sandboxes or entirely duplicate them to continue iterating further.

Collaborative planning without the politics or confusion

Tailor each sandbox to different types of scenarios, all geared to help you represent realistic business conditions and strategies, all whilst understanding the impact of each scenario on revenue, attainment and cost versus the plan. 

Best case, worst case and everything in between

Endlessly build scenarios that are created straight off your current plan, dynamically updating as your business metrics update, or your add changes to your core plan across hiring, team changes or investments.

Infinite linked scenarios at the push of a button

Rather than having multiple, difficult-to-maintain & hard to understand spreadsheets for upside and downside, create sandboxes tailored to different situations and build plans to navigate your way through every possible scenario towards target.

Push approved changes straight into your Plan

In Clevenue, scenario building, testing & and planning happens within the safety of a sandbox - A dedicated environment that's works as a constant clone of the current baseline plan, including every change and update that you make to it.

From here you can test out scenarios and strategies to understand how different bets can play out, assessing them for the amount of resulting revenue, cost and efficiency.

How Revenue Sandboxes create dynamic scenarios

As your baseline updates and evolves over time, so should every single scenario that you ever build. Sandboxes are created in an instant and without limits, a direct carbon copy of assumptions, hiring, attrition and promotion plans as they currently stand in your business.

Build out scenarios from the current live plan

Understand the difference between different strategies, comparing against plan and directly between different scenarios. Understand how efficiencies differ, and how costs and spend across each approach looks, before using insights to decide on the approved approach. 

Understand the differences between each strategy

Avoid ever having to update scenarios or contingency plans ever again, knowing that when you change hiring, marketing investment or sales performance data, it will always be reflected into you scenarios. You're now always working from the plan, not simply whatever it was when you first created the scenario.

Always up-to-date with your baseline revenue plan

Get Started with Clevenue Today

Want to see sandboxes for yourself or simply find out more about how Clevenue can change the way you plan? Get in touch and we'll get back to you today.

sales capacity planning CAC analysis
  • How does Clevenue calculate sales capacity?
    You can build roles that carry responsibilities and targets across handling inbound leads, generating outbound opportunities, handling opportunities and managing other team members. Our capacity take all of this data alongside other team and marketing data points to understand the individual capacities across team members at any point in time.
  • Who can use Clevenue for Sales Capacity modelling?
    Clevenue is simple enough for anyone attached to revenue, finance or decision making to use, in order to build plans or to understand the impact of certain decisions or strategies to the current plan. Whether you're a CRO, CEO or CFO, or you're running RevOps or Finance teams, Clevenue makes the process of planning quick, easy, collaborative and continuous.
  • What are Clevenue's People Models?
    We model ramping differently to other more basic software platforms, factoring time in business, experience in other roles and responsibilities across roles to give a real life output of bringing new hires into the business, losing people due to attrition or moving people into new teams and roles. Understand what happens if you run people over capacity, stretch your teams or under supply your account executives. What you've already seen happen before your eyes can now be modelled inside Clevenue.
  • What if I already have a plan?
    Getting started with Clevenue doesn't mean starting from scratch - the best place to start is from an existing revenue plan. Simply load in the data from your existing plan, add in your current teams and start planning out hiring & marketing spends. From here you can understand & fix any holes or flaws in your plan, and extend it into the future.

Revenue Projection

See 6x further into the future than traditional forecasting. Understand where revenue is really headed as a result of hiring, firing, promotion, marketing & other business plans. 

​Capacity Planning

Understand the impact of changes to every single business KPI, watching for the impact on revenue, cost, efficiency and CAC. 

Scenario Testing

Test how your strategies, market theories, budgets and hiring plans translate to revenue over time so you're always prepared.

Everything from free tools through to helpful revenue guides & articles. 

Clevenue Resources

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