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The Sales Scenario & Analysis Model Template 

You might already build plans, but how can you see whether your business can stand up to shifting markets, changing buyer habits and reducing demand?


Thanks to this free spreadsheet model, you can scenario test your capacity plans, using the same data inputs that you'll no-doubt have already used in Clevenues Ultimate Sales Capacity Planning Spreadsheet.

A different approach to predicting the future than revenue forecasting, this helps you predict revenue with a bottom-up sales capacity snapshot approach. Test to see what happens to your team needs and revenue projections if data points start changing fast, using it as another starting point for your sales capacity planning.

Get started with revenue scenario analysis and grab the sheet today.

Our free scenario testing spreadsheet is both free to download into Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel and super easy to use, and can give you the confidence to make the tough decisions, that land your sales team revenue where it needs to be.


 Getting started is easy:

Using the template

sales scenario analysis template input

1. Add your current performance into the table

Simply add your data into the yellow boxes, the spreadsheet will do the rest.

Typical rule of thumb with any of Clevenue's template - If it's yellow chuck in some data, if it's not probably leave it be!

The scenario tester can only handle 1 market - Any more than than and it becomes difficult within a spreadsheet to do effectively.  If you have more than 1 market you might want to find a more robust approach...

2. Navigate to a scenario

You can add up to 5 different roles, with their base and their quotas, with the minimum amount of commision paid on deals also set. If will already calculate the variable (bonus) giving you the OTE - You can also see how much of the total comms is made up of variable.

revenue scenario analysis spreadsheet tabs
revenue scenario testing spreadsheet

3. Add your scenario Data

Your business scenarios are built off % changes to current performance.

Sense test what happens if deal sizes decrease by 18% or if conversions increase by 5%. Using the scenarios, you can sense test strategic decisions and their projected impact.

Everything from modelling seasonal patterns to pricing changes can be done in the sheet, with different scenarios modelled across each of your data tabs.

Be mindful that these do not account for the ability for your teams to deliver these figures, and so you'll need far more complex models to both interrogate these scenarios and understand how they play out over time.

scenario analysis revenue output

4. See the results

Designed to help contextualise what is going on and why, the model will tell you the headcount needs vs. what you've got in the scenario, and project a revenue output based on the modelled GTM effort.

From here you can continue to iterate, or create alternate situations & scenarios for you and other to test.

Download it for free

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