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The Ultimate Sales Commission Planning Template

Creating sales compensation plans is painful and let's face it - Not everyone is a spreadsheet whizz. That's why we've pulled together the ultimate sales comms planning template in Google Sheets (you can download it into excel), absolutely free for you to use.

It covers both SDR & AE pay plans, giving you flexibility and freedom to build pay & commission plans that work.

It also gives you a complete overview of the total costs of the plan (in case you want to link it to the hiring plans you build in the ultimate sales capacity plan template.

Let's go.

Sales Comms AE Plan.PNG
SDR Comms Plan.PNG

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Using the template

Our Free Commission Plan Template for Sales is highly customisable and quick  to get going - Simply make your copy in Google Sheets or download it to Microsoft Excel.

1. Add in your AE roles (and managers also)

You can add up to 5 different roles, with their base and their quotas, with the minimum amount of commision paid on deals also set. If will already calculate the variable (bonus) giving you the OTE - You can also see how much of the total comms is made up of variable.

Sales Comms Planning AE.PNG

2. Adjust the individual plans

Each plan can have variable achievement tiers, as well as individual commission rates for each tier -  The way that the commission plan works can be adjusted based on a stepped commission plan, one with accelerators & decelerators or simple straight comms.

Sales Comms AE Plan.PNG

3. Now add in your SDR targets

SDR targets are slightly more complex in some areas (in calculating targets), but with a slightly simplified approach to hitting targets.

By setting an OTE to pipeline ratio, and basic data like average contract value and conversion rates, this can help you not only create comms plans but set targets that make sense for their cost.

Targets can be broken out into 3 components of your choosing, with the variable pay set at the chosen fractions.

sdr comp plan.png
Sales Comms Planning SDR.PNG

This is then used to not only set the targets, but also used to calculate how much each target is worth in total commissions. These are then adjusted in the role tables just like in the AE tables.

Now you and your reps can know exactly what they earn per SAO, meeting or deal based on the plan!

Sales Comms Planning SDR targets.PNG

4. Build it into a team and hiring plan

Add your reps, select their plan and put in join dates and you'll get full prorated costings of both teams. 

No more fussing about with your own comms spreadsheets ever again.

(just imagine what you could do dropping spreadsheets completely eh...?)

comms plan.PNG

Ready to ditch the spreadsheets?

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