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The Ultimate Sales Quarterly Business Review Template

If you ask us, QBRs are a little bit redundant...but even we'll admit they have their uses and can help drive sales results in the long-term.

If you're still building your revenue motion quarter-to-quarter rather than daily, look no've just found the best QBR template on the internet!

Naturally there's now more appropriate ways to plan, track & monitor business progress, however if you're looking for a quick and simple spreadsheet you're in the right place.

Let's get it!

Not only is our Sales Capacity Planning Template totally free, it's also super easy to use. Just make a copy of it from Google Sheets (Or download it for Microsoft Excel).

Using the template

QBR spreadsheet template input

1. Add your current performance into the table

The yellow boxes are all editable, meaning that you can quickly and easily fill in data for your current quarter, without needing to add a load of formulae to build your quarter on quarter comparisons. 

You can also add custom metrics that appear on each of the QBR pages, to track internal initiatives. 

QBR template output

2. Visit the QBR tab to see the progress & alerts

When the work and initiatives that you put in place don't generate results immediately, you need to have a wider planning horizon. 

You'll need at least 2 years of targets & lead volumes to ensure that you're doing enough in year 1 to hit your year 2 targets, otherwise you can end up playing catch up.

QBR template notes & actions

3. Build quick action plans to rectify, mitigate & capitalise on change

Change might not be bad, but it needs to always be understood. Use the notes section to clarify understanding of why certain KPIs might have moved, and come up with action plans for the next 90 to address it.

Pick a couple of priority metrics to work on, to keep your teams moving in a positive direction.

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