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Meet Clevenue:

Scenario Testing Software for Revenue

Impossible to achieve in a spreadsheet, run infinite what-if analysis with the first ever Scenario Testing Platform for businesses.

Experiment with different types and timings of new hires and gain insight into their precise impact on revenue at both a team-wide and individual level. Figure out what employee churn or restructuring really means for revenue, and get the mix of sales roles & marketing right.

Test out different hiring plans to evaluate their impact

scenario testing software add new team member

See how simultaneous changes to revenue metrics like average deal size, sales cycle length and conversion rates impact your ability to hit target. Test out the true effect of new business initiatives to see if they are worth the cost, time & effort.

Understand what change really means for your revenue

revenue attainment chart in scenario testing software

Knowing what levers to pull is often the most difficult part of growth. Understand how CAC changes with every strategy, enabling you to justify decisions faster more easily. Keep a handle on costs so you can grow more profitably than ever before.

Gain a better view of CAC across every decision you make

Customer acquisition cost chart in scenario testing software

Ditch the spreadsheets today

Revenue Projection

See 6x further into the future than traditional forecasting. 

Understand where revenue is really headed as a result of hiring, firing, promotion, marketing & other business plans. 

Planning Sandboxes

Collaboratively analyse future business scenarios with your colleagues; experimenting with changes to the team, budgets as well as the wider market.

​Capacity Planning

Understand the impact of changes to every single business KPI, watching for the impact on revenue, cost, efficiency and CAC. 

Everything from free tools through to helpful revenue guides & articles. 

Clevenue Resources

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