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5 Essential RevOps Spreadsheet Templates

Revenue Operations can be a pretty painful role at the best of the times, but when you're responsible for keeping the wheels of the business moving, having the right tools and spreadsheets at your disposal is key to making everyones (yes including yours) lives easier.

We've pulled together a guide of the top 5 essential RevOps templates & calculators that should be in the toolbox of any Revenue Operations leader.

P.S They're all free 😊

sales capacity plan spreadsheet template

A staple of end of year Revenue Operations planning cycles, Sales Capacity Planning (or sales headcount planning) requires extensive models that are challenging to build. With this free template you can skip building spreadsheet models or having to work out revenue formulas, and get straight to planning

Business scenario analysis spreadsheet template

Going hand in hand with sales capacity planning, business scenario planning is a critical part of the RevOps planning process. With a bottom up model approach covering inbound, SDR & AE roles, with this template you can create & test different business scenarios and work out routes to either make the most or protect the business.

Take advantage of headcount recommendations and capacity analysis to understand the root cause behind your revenue.

Sales Compensation Plan Spreadsheet Tempalate

Always a difficult one to get right, these can be the trickiest of RevOps spreadsheets to have to build. With this template you can create commission plans across AE, SDR & Manager roles, helping you understand the right levels of compensation.

This template covers off different approaches to sales commission plans, covering flat, stepped and commission plans with both accelerator and decelerators.

Revenue Pipeline forecast spreadsheet template

This template covers off one of the most contentious parts of revenue operations - Pipeline forecast.

It makes it super easy to build a weighted pipeline forecast based off your current opportunities, and you statistical close rates between stages.

Simply add in your data and go!

QBR spreadsheet Template

A quarterly task that is only effective when structured, and something that carries a fair amount of revops involvement typically. With this QBR template you can run your review with ease, and without the need to go and build a new spreadsheet.


Revops can be a difficult role to balance between building new spreadsheet models, strategic projects, and the natural pull of ad-hoc exec projects and reporting that pop up at the busiest of times.

Thanks to these handy spreadsheet templates, you can save a bunch of time and get straight to revenue output, and back to strategy.

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