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5 Must-Have Spreadsheet Templates for Finance Teams

Planning season is well under way, and quite often it falls on finance teams to pick up the planning slack building financial models & predictions. We feel as though there's nothing wrong with having a head start and so have created a bunch of free spreadsheet templates & calculators to help with planning to help finance teams to get the wheels rolling.

P.S They're all free 😊

sales capacity plan spreadsheet template

This comprehensive template is essential for workforce budgeting and resource allocation. It allows you to input current business performance data, company revenue targets, marketing lead volumes, and team compositions.

The template automatically calculates and models outputs, including monthly values and a variety of graphs, to provide a detailed view of your sales capacity and the impact of your targets. It's particularly useful for finance leaders who need to balance current resources with future hiring needs

QBR spreadsheet Template

Designed for effective executive business reviews, this template makes it easy to input current performance data and track internal initiatives. It features a traffic light system to quickly identify changes in metrics, facilitating comparisons against business objectives and goals.

The template also allows for the creation of action plans to address changes in key performance indicators, making it a strategic tool for planning and reviewing quarterly financial performance.

Sales Compensation Plan Spreadsheet Tempalate

This template simplifies creating compensation plans for various roles in finance teams. It allows you to input up to five different roles with their base and quotas, and automatically calculates variables such as the minimum commission and overall target earnings.

You can adjust individual plans with different achievement tiers and commission rates. The template also aids in setting realistic targets for SDRs, taking into account various performance metrics and their impact on total commissions​.

Revenue Pipeline forecast spreadsheet template

Ideal for simplifying forecasting outside of your CRM, this template uses a statistical approach to reporting. It allows you to set up targets and sales stages, add team members, and input current deals to calculate future weighted values of opportunities.

The output offers both individual sales rep forecasts and a company rollup, providing insights into the fiscal year and upcoming quarters. This tool is particularly useful for finance leaders looking to gain a clearer understanding of near-term revenue projections!

Business scenario analysis spreadsheet template

This template allows you to scenario-test your capacity plans using existing data, crucial in adjusting to market shifts and changing buyer habits.

It adopts a bottom-up approach for predicting revenue, enabling you to analyze how changes in data points affect your team needs and revenue projections. This tool is invaluable for assessing the impact of strategic decisions and understanding their projected outcomes, whether it's dealing with changing deal sizes or conversions


Planning season has never been easier, and these finance templates are perfect for skipping the arduous task of building revenue models & plans, at what is for many the busiest time of the year.

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