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The Ultimate 2024 Sales Capacity Planning Template

sales capacity plan template

Let's be honest, you might not have realised there was a better way to do this than a free spreadsheet, but here at Clevenue we're on a mission to educate people on expert planning, and what better way to build the best sales capacity plan template that you'll find online, and make it completely free to access, download & copy.

Sales & Revenue planning is not only a massive pain in the proverbial, but it always seems to start from scratch every year. This year you can grab a head start, as we've built something pretty neat and you can grab it free.

That's right - Completely free with no strings attached.

But why?

Don't you guys do planning?!?

It's no secret - We want leaders to plan sales teams in ways that don't lead to huge fluctuations to their teams...

Sustainable planning makes for better workplace cultures & growth, so why not make it available to everyone?

In building Clevenue, we looked at almost every free spreadsheet for download available, and even the spreadsheets that were part of paid memberships, sales leadership courses and CRO schools. Every single one was not only prohibitively simple, but they contained self fulfilling prophecies like data points for sales rep attainment, and mistakes & flawed logic that leads to BIG issues.

Our assessment of each and every one was that they were all rubbish.

And so we took the time to build the best template for free online, making it available to everyone. We present:

The Best Free Sales Capacity Planning Spreadsheet on the internet (and we still think it's 💩...)

Oh yeah - Whilst this one is great in comparison to the rest, it isn't much better because it's still in a spreadsheet.

It carries huge inherent limitations (plus when the Clevenue platform is so much more capable and free to start, there's no point in making the spreadsheets any better)

So yes - It's the best free template you can find but no, it's no replacement to moving towards continuous planning & projection, for that you should seriously look at Clevenue.


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