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You might have had to have made difficult decisions to extend runway, and now is a balance of finding stability, efficiency & growth where at all possible. Some decisions might have been decided quickly, might not have even had the desired result and potentially even came with unpredicted costs to the business.

Every decision you make from this point onwards is business critical, but you don’t have the time to test and rationalise every outcome.

You want to understand the impacts of every decision you make, and how outcomes can be swayed by further market change. Most importantly you need this to be possible without becoming a drain on already streamlined teams.

Efficiency isn’t just an ambition, it’s mission critical

Times have changed and all of a sudden your priorities have shifted from capturing a whole market at all costs to now simply staying afloat and weathering the storm. In many cases, cuts were made with little logic beyond immediate savings but you’re now questioning whether or not the resource you’re left with is that which you need to grow or just that which is cheapest.

There are no second chances. Every investment you make today is under stricter scrutiny and picking the right path is your only option to get growth going again.

Efficiency comes in the form of a hatchet

When your only tools are blunt-force spreadsheets, requiring teams to run back and forth with data, your opportunity to make strategic decisions are limited to a few swings at most. Collateral damage comes in the form of lost pipeline, progress & culture, and whilst it’s controlling top-level burn, it’s having bigger impacts on revenue than you ever predicted.

The decisions you make moving forwards need to carry surgical precision, with a granular understanding of every possible outcome, without the heavy resource overhead.

You need protection from the effects of other efficiency drives

Efficiency isn’t just a mission for the revenue team, it’s driven from the top with consequences that either can’t be seen, or don’t have time or expertise to explain and understand. When strategic decisions are made by other departments, you know that the damage to revenue will be large, but cannot easily quantify it. 

You need to be able to quickly and easily demonstrate the impacts of decisions made by others in the business, effectively illustrating the long term impacts on progress towards goals.

Your revenue function is now characterised by its efficiency; hiring, marketing & strategic decisions happen at the ideal moment. The difficult or risky decisions that you do make are based on the model of their longer term impact, without risking future growth.


Enhanced visibility on how market realities impact your team’s performance gives you confidence in your plan. You’re no longer fearful of how such changes can ignite your burn rate, leaving you to focus on sustainable initiatives to drive growth.


Efficiency & predictability without stripping away growth. Finally.

Capital-efficient strategies are now defined with surgical precision, sheltered from the effects of turbulent markets and headwinds.

The Problem with Planning

Planning isn't a straight line activity, with many departments, stakeholders and leaders involved. Your planning experience might look totally different to someone else in the business, as might the value you take from it. If any of these sound like you it might be time for change.

Everything from free tools through to helpful revenue guides & articles. 

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