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You built it, took the risks & put in the hours - The world in which your business lives is already fundamentally different to the one that it was built in, and your job is to keep the ship pointing in the right direction on the path to progress. Strategic decisions are becoming more complex, time consuming and far-reaching with their impact.

You need an independent ally that can feedback the reality of your choices, sans bullshit.

You can’t risk under-delivering on the plan you sold to investors

You’ve made promises to investors that you now need to make reality, and course corrective actions made in difficult markets haven’t had the desired outcomes either. Sales efforts and outcomes feel too detached from one another, leaving you struggling to know which decisions and investments drive commercial growth and which ones risk setting back your progress. 

Ultimately, you need a tool that helps you back yourself and justify decisions, and the spreadsheet you’ve been using won’t cut it anymore.

Growth is a black box that gets more complicated by the day

Whilst you’ve been able to generate revenues up to a point, it’s unclear to you how your current plan scales, or even how far it can go. You know it’s time to start building alternate strategies, but you can’t risk backing the wrong horse. All you know is that the answers to your questions don’t lie in your spreadsheets, and the clock is running down.

You need a deeper understanding of the specific growth mechanics that propel your business and how they are impacted by live market dynamics.

Inconsistent revenue performance makes fundraising difficult

Tougher markets mean that fundraising and growth are more challenging than ever. Dead quarters & rollercoaster revenue curves make it impossible for you to paint the picture of reliable growth, with  investors now starting to prioritise capital efficiency over top-line growth.

You need a deeper understanding of the specific growth mechanics that propel your business and how they are impacted by live market dynamics.

Revenue planning is no longer an endless, draining exercise dreaded by all at the end of every year. Instead, you’re now out of the weeds of Forecasting, RevOps and Sales Tactics; empowered to build great strategy that wins in the long term; like all founders should be.


Your assumptions are now built on live market realities - no matter how much environments change, you’ll always have the ability to quickly and easily formulate and test new strategies, ahead of making the call. With alerts the moment your projected revenue path starts to deviate, you’ll never again be caught off guard by an unexpected economic headwind.


Ultimately, the direction of your business is back in your hands, under your control.

Founders use Clevenue to make revenue growth so predictable, it’s (almost) boring

The Problem with Planning

Planning isn't a straight line activity, with many departments, stakeholders and leaders involved. Your planning experience might look totally different to someone else in the business, as might the value you take from it. If any of these sound like you it might be time for change.

Everything from free tools through to helpful revenue guides & articles. 

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