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Scale Focussed

The business has developed frameworks and structures that have felt scalable, but you know that it relies on the status quo of markets and product remaining. Growth sustainability is key to your future ability to scale and fundraise, and you know that the only thing that can disturb the balance is change - and there’s been a tonne of it already.

The fine line between winning big and losing badly can leave you at risk of increasingly uncomfortable situations, each with entirely different sets of challenges to handle. Every quarter is make-or-break and under such pressure, your forecast is plagued by uncertainty at the deal level with reps hoping against hope to secure any revenue they can. 

The stress of scaling felt across the organisation is not only tangible, but it’s eroding culture. The constant treadmill of chasing targets becomes exhausting for everyone, and at the end of the each quarter you know that the same situation will soon arise again.


You need to break this cycle.

High growth means high risk, but you want to understand how big the risks are that you take

Growth is no longer at all costs, but expectations are somehow higher than ever before. Not only do you need to be demonstrating ever-increasing levels of commercial traction, you’re also required to have attractive unit economics that highlight how healthy your business really is.

You need to strike the right balance of growth whilst mitigating the risk of failure, with a crystal clear line of sight on which strategies drive progress and which ones expose you to unacceptable levels of risk.

Growth is chaotic, unpredictable, and unnecessarily stressful

The ebbs and flows of revenue feel like a rollercoaster, except it’s one where you can’t get off. Targets not only grow each and every quarter without fail but are made or broken by single deals, with revenue pulled from wherever possible to simply get to goal. Not only does it feel manic, it’s totally unsustainable as the real consequences of missing targets begin to build.

Consistency & Predictability not only allows you to make the strategic growth calls you need to make, but provides stability to everyone so they can operate at their best

You’re competing for every dollar of budget

Not only is every dollar critical, but it comes with heavy scrutiny. With budgets being cut left right and center, it’s difficult to see where future growth comes from. Every investment you hope to make must form part of a bulletproof business case aiming to prove that by spending money today you avoid inhibiting growth tomorrow.

Building the case for investment in sales, marketing & tooling is vital for you to continue growing revenues, but treading the balance between maximising growth and overextending is a pretty difficult one.

Your plans not only make sense, but the work long into the future, with planning and reconciliation of progress towards growth goals now forming part of your regular motions, avoiding the end of year rush to pull together a plan.


The knock-on is that hires are brought in at the right times, marketing investment is made in the right volumes and outcomes are seen at the planned levels. You don’t fear future quarters as you’re already progress towards them.


Growth happens, as you planned it, rather predictably. No stress.

Businesses plan and generate more consistent & predictable growth with Clevenue

The Problem with Planning

Planning isn't a straight line activity, with many departments, stakeholders and leaders involved. Your planning experience might look totally different to someone else in the business, as might the value you take from it. If any of these sound like you it might be time for change.

Everything from free tools through to helpful revenue guides & articles. 

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